Ballin’ — Yamuna Devi’s Divine Melon Dessert, Easily Veganized

Recipe Perfection

FOOD OF THE GODS. This was what I thought the first time I tasted Yamuna Devi’s recipe for Carbooj Mithai, “Melon Bowl Supreme with Honey-Lime Dressing,” from her venerable tome The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking. It’s divine. Shockingly good. I am glad that my life on this earth has included experiences with this beautiful summer dessert.

One of the greatest summer desserts, period. Thank you, Yamuna Devi!!

It’s not vegan because it contains honey. Close enough, some might say.  

But I just wondered … would it be a sacrilege to tinker with perfection? Just to see? 

Honey, Just Try the Agave

To me, the honey seemed critical in creating the heady, complex sweetness that haunts this dessert. Replacing it worried me.

But needlessly so! Sure, honey makes a difference, but the agave nectar is just as fantastic. And since agave nectar has a lower glycemic index than honey, it might be the more desirable sweetener to use in this recipe if you prefer to keep your GI lower.

Yeah, I’m Ballin’ … But …

So, the recipe instructs you to use a melon baller and also to use the melon rinds as a serving vessel. I actually did not feel so ballin’ when I was balling. It seemed wasteful, too – there’s an awful lot of melon that goes unused because it looks too odd to serve next to the little half orbs of melon that come from the baller.  

Very pretty, but ... see below for the, er, "outtakes."

I really only used the baller because I knew I’d be posting pictures to the blog. In the past, all I’ve done is cube the melon. I guess serving it in the hollowed out rind is fancy, but I’ve never done it. That presentation is a little over the top for me at home, although it would be quite impressive when entertaining.

At any rate, no matter what it looks like – and regardless of your religious beliefs -I think you will agree that this dish is simply, divinely, sublimely …  heavenly. 

Vegan Version of Yamuna Devi’s Carbooj Mithai, “Melon Bowl Supreme with Honey-Lime Dressing”


1 watermelon, 3-4 lbs
1 small canteloupe or Ogden melon
1 small honeydew or charentais melon
1/4 c agave nectar (I used dark agave nectar)
1/4 c fresh lime juice
2 Tb fresh orange juice
2 Tb fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp finely ground ginger or 1/2 Tb scraped, finely chopped fresh ginger root (I forgot to buy ginger and didn’t really miss it, so I’m calling this ingredient optional)
1/2 tsp cardamom seeds
2 Tb olive oil or almond oil (I’ve used organic extra virgin olive oil and it’s great)
2 c blueberries (You can use less if you, like me, get sticker shock when buying berries)
a few sprigs of mint for garnishing (I chopped it finely and sprinkled it on the melon)


Use a melon baller to make balls -OR- chop melons into even, medium sized cubes.  Mix in blueberries.

In a separate bowl, combine other ingredients, mix well.  Pour over melon and berry mixture, serve.


Yamuna Devi’s instructions are more precise – she says to cover and refrigerate the melon, set aside the blueberries and mint, then to use a blender to process the other ingredients.

Before serving, she says to drain the melon, mix with the blueberries, then add the sauce and garnish with the mint.

It’s true, the melon will drain and produce more liquid.  If you plan on making this dish in advance and serving it later, you should probably heed this advice, although it will still taste good if you don’t drain the melon.

Ballin’ – It Just Looks Easy …

Here are some pretty ones.

But they all don't turn out so pretty! Maddening!

Oh, those poor melons. This image was too funny not to share.

Then what do you do with this stuff? Frozen daiquiris?

It's like red Swiss cheese or something, oddly unnerving!


2 responses to “Ballin’ — Yamuna Devi’s Divine Melon Dessert, Easily Veganized

  1. What a wonderful idea.
    I’ve never thought to be so creative with the presentation of my food. To be honest I focus so much on the nutrition and preparation time, which is fine when cooking for one but far less impressive when guests are in the mix.
    Thanks for sharing. (Cute pix)

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